Eurociser horse walker

We provide equine equipment maintenance.

Horse Walkers, under water treadmills, Equine spas, and other equine equipment

We are located in the North Texas area, (Fort Worth). We service equine equipment in the N Texas area and have traveled farther.  We have moved horse walkers, repaired storm damage, replaced worn parts, rewired systems, replaced motors.  We have worked on a lot of different brands of horse walkers. They include ‘Panel walkers’, ‘Free flow walkers’,’Tethered Walkers’. Chain drive and gear drive systems. We have worked with insurance companies in handling claims. We have worked with several manufactures and have been recommended by them. This includes warranty work and upgrades. We have worked with large ranches and individually owned systems. No system is too small or too large.



  You can contact us at (877) 457-6246 or leave us an email HL@HJSmaintenance.com